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Tailoring Prices


Button replace – $2.50
Zipper repairs – $6.00 & up
Skirt Tapering – $15.00 & up
Skirt Shortening – $15.00 & up
Skirt Elastic replacement – $15.00
Zipper replace for pants – $12.00
Pants patching – $6.00
Pants shorten – $12.00
Pants waist adjustment – $13.00
Coat shorten – $20.00
Coat adjustment – $20.00
Dress hem – $15.00
Dress Shorten – $20.00

Prices will vary depending on the garment intricacy and extent of repair required price could be less or more.

We will be happy to serve your laundry needs!

  • Organic Dry Cleaning
  • Organic Detergent
  • Individual and corporate accounts
  • Care and cleaning of casual and general attire
  • Care and cleaning of evening gowns and formal wear
  • Deluxe shirt service – hand pressing
  • Expert tailoring by our experienced staff of tailors
  • Leather and suede cleaning
  • Drapery cleaning
  • Washing and pressing of bed linens
  • Wash and fold
  • Tablecloths and linens

Staying Green and Conserve Water.
Using self-service laundries greatly reduces the overall level of water consumption in your community.
Commercial clothes washers are designed by manufacturers to deliver superior washing results while consuming the absolute minimum volume of water.

Do you live in an apartment complex, condominium, skycraper, hotel, duplex, townhouse, campus, or any other style of multi-family residential building? Are you Stressed with having to haul your laundry to a public laundry weekly? Stress no more! We offer doorman to doorman service for multi-residential dwellers as well! No more hours wasted washing and folding clothes. No more trips to the cleaners for you.

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